Hemcheck's Newsletter - December 2022

In December, there has been quite a lot of news, both good and bad. In terms of sales, we are having one of the better months, perhaps the best to date in our history. On the other hand, we have a continued capital need and the market conditions for financing are very unfavourable especially for small companies like ours. This is mainly what led the board to take the decision of very strong cost reductions early in December, in order to preserve value and allow for more time to enable us to perform some sort of a strategic transaction. We hope this process will lead to that the company can, in a new form or setup, continue on its path and accelerate the work of commercializing and continue developing our products.
Given that I have also resigned from my position at Hemcheck, to start a new challenge, we will pause these newsletters going forward in order to focus our work time. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone working at, supporting and following Hemcheck during my time as CEO!

We have earlier communicated that we will arrange a Q&A and the preliminary timing for this is 12:00-13:00 on January 12 via a digital meeting. More details will follow.

Happy new year!

Joen Averstad


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