Hemcheck's Newsletter - March 2022

March has passed and it has been an interesting month in several aspects. We have e.g. signed a new distribution agreement with Eurobio Scientific in France, which is very positive. Since we are running several trials in France, we hope to be in a good position to convert customer contacts into sales during the year. We have also received a first order from Narva Hospital which was enabled by our good collaboration with Tartu University hospital. Moreover, we have gotten good feedback from Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital and we are continuing our discussions with them, something that will be valuable, especially in the longer term.
During the month we also attended the 6th EFLM conference on the pre-analytical phase, an important forum for improving quality of samples analysed, in which our products have an important role to play. More conferences are coming up in April and onwards which we are looking forward to. In addition to this, we are continuing our many customer dialogues and trials to push for improving sales. Lastly we received the official Decision to Grant from the European patent office (EPO) on our filter patent, which means that the patent is now in force and we need to decide which European countries to validate the patent in.

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Joen Averstad, CEO

First order from Narva hospital in Estonia

Hemcheck has received a first order from Narva hospital in Estonia. The order is of lower economic value however there is potential for additional follow up orders. This is Hemcheck’s second customer in Estonia after Tartu University Hospital.

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Narva Hospital

Distribution agreement signed for the French market

Hemcheck Sweden AB has signed a three-year distribution agreement with Eurobio Scientific, a leading distributor and manufacturer of medical equipment based in France, with operations across several other countries such as the US, Germany, and UK.

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Positive feedback from the trial at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Hemcheck has received positive feedback from the trial at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, which was designed to assess the potential clinical use of Hemcheck’s products related to cardiac surgeries performed at the hospital. The next steps will be to do a second phase validation, which will commence if and once approved by a local ethical committee.

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Decision to Grant from the European Patent Office

Hemcheck has received the follow-up “Decision to Grant” from the European Patent Office, “EPO”, regarding the patent application for the Hemcheck filter solution. This means that the patent is approved and that the next step is for Hemcheck to decide within which European countries the patent is to be validated. Each country has their own fee for validation and additional yearly costs, and hence the decision of which countries to include will be based on estimated costs and the value of the patent per country. The patent has previously been approved in Sweden and in the USA.

Read about the Intention To Grant from January 2022
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