Hemcheck's Newsletter - October 2022

In October, we continued focusing on our commercial activities along with evaluating different strategic collaborations while pushing forward some product development work. We are progressing with new interesting orders from e.g. the US.
Regarding strategic collaborations, this is something that we previously have communicated is a priority and we are working on a range of possibilities. If successful, we hope we can formalise something during Q4-Q1.

In terms of product development, we are working on defining options for a second generation of products that would e.g. integrate features that we currently provide through an external screen into our own instruments. These developments are highly interesting and hold clear potential.

In this newsletter you can specifically read more about some of our conducted commercial activities and our current product development activities.

Enjoy the reading!

Joen Averstad, CEO

Hemcheck receives order from research program in the United States

Hemcheck has received a first order from the AREVA research program in the US. AREVA is a research program of The Geneva Foundation, which is a non-profit organization focused on research, development, and education in military medicine. AREVA collaborates with private organizations, academic institutions and with government agencies and organisations such as the US military and the FDA.

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Hemcheck receives order from university hospital in Regensburg, Germany

Hemcheck has received an order from UKR, the university hospital in Regensburg. The order is a small first order regarding bgs-Test and refers to diagnostic use. The University Hospital in Regensburg is a large hospital in eastern Bavaria with over 800 hospital beds.

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News from the Department of Product Development

David Melin Hemcheck
"During the spring 2022, Hemcheck released and CE-marked a solution for presentation of quantitative measurement values of hemolysis as a complement to the existing qualitative product, involving an external screen as an accessory to our existing products. Our product development activities are now mainly focusing on options for improving the workflow and usability of that solution. One part of the project is to define options for including a display on the device that will e.g. make it more versatile and give us better possibilities for further product development, while removing the need for an external screen. When moving into a more active phase, we will communicate more information about this next generation product."

David Melin


Update on our commercial activities

Since the pandemic restrictions were lifted in many European countries earlier this year, industry fairs and congresses are now being held in person again. Meetings in person at e.g. hospitals are now also much easier to arrange. This has been very positive and increased our customer interactions during the last months. It’s clear that there is a built up demand for meeting in person and especially when marketing a new product, it’s clearly easier to reach the right potential customers and collaboration partners at these types of events. Below you can find some examples of events we have attended recently.
LabDays 2022, 7-8 September in Copenhagen.
Labdays is a trade fair for laboratory professionals. Hemcheck attended as visitors with the primary aim to get in contact with potential customers and distributors in Denmark. Follow up activities are planned.

Bologna Heart Surgery Symposium, 12-13 September in Bologna.
The conference is focused on new technologies and with the cardiovascular surgeons cardiologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, perfusionists and nurses as primary target audience. Hemcheck attended the meeting as exhibitors. Contacts with several interested delegates have been followed up by Hemcheck.
Autumn meeting i clinical chemistry, 20-22 september i Jönköping, Sweden.
The meeting gathers biomedical roles and functions from Sweden specializing in clinical chemistry. Hemcheck attended the meeting together with Vingmed (Hemcheck´s Nordic distributor) to get in contact with hospitals and decision makers in Sweden. Several interesting leads have been followed up by Hemcheck and Vingmed.

SFAR National Congress, 22-24 September in Paris.
The yearly congress of SFAR addresses the themes of anesthesia, resuscitation and perioperative medicine. Hemcheck´s french distributor Eurobio Scientific attended the meeting. which was mainly held in the french language.

5th Munich Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Symposium, 27-29 September in Munich.
The focus of the conference was the clinical progress of near-patient laboratory diagnostics in hospitals as well as in ambulatories, private practices as well as in the homecare sector. Hemcheck took part as an exhibitor and speaker (results of the study performed at the University Hospital Centre in Zagreb (KBC) wsa presented by Ivana Baršić Lapić) and was very much appreciated by the delegates. Hemcheck made contact with several interested delegates from different countries and some potential distributors in e.g. the DACH region, which are now followed up.


Peter Andersson

Sales & Marketing Manager
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