Hemcheck's Newsletter - December 2021

Happy Holidays 2020

Welcome to the December Newsletter from Hemcheck

2021 has now passed and it's been an eventful year for us at Hemcheck. The pandemic has continued to put limitations to our work, as for the rest of society, but despite this we have made significant progress in multiple areas.

We started the year with a directed rights issue securing 15 MSEK to finance e.g. our commercialisation efforts. This was an important stepping stone for us to continue our commercialisation journey.

We have thereafter signed many contracts during the year, both a number of distributor contracts and also received orders from end customers. We reached a milestone with more than 1 MSEK in revenues during a calendar year, a small step towards larger goals.
We have also importantly proven our products’ performance and utility in several independent international studies, e.g. in Barcelona and in Zagreb, and we will continue to do so going forward in order to build more evidence and enable local sales and marketing efforts, since many end customers like to have local evaluations as references. We now also have many ongoing trials which we hope will lead to commercial contracts.

Our development work with our new product for the blood gas market, the bgs-Test, has almost been finalized and the plan is to perform the CE-marking in January 2022. An important addition to the product portfolio.

The above has been done, while changing parts of the team as well as adding new functions. We have welcomed four new colleagues to the Hemcheck team during the year, and we would like to welcome more in the future. This is of course crucial for the success of the company.

We look forward to entering 2022 with the hopes of successfully continuing our journey towards hemolysis free blood sampling.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Joen Averstad, CEO

Clinical evaluation studies completed with very good preliminary results at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb

University Hospital Centre Zagreb have successfully finalized two evaluation studies of Hemcheck’s products at the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics. These formal evaluations preliminary results confirm the conclusions from earlier studies that the performance of Hemcheck’s products is very high.
The first study evaluated the presence of hemolysis in nearly 600 arterial and venous blood gas samples using Hemcheck’s system after routine blood gas analysis had been performed. The results were then compared to the laboratory’s clinical chemistry analyser results as the reference method.
The second study evaluated more than 300 venous blood samples collected in vacuum tubes in routine care, where the results were also compared to the laboratory’s reference method.
The preliminary conclusions are that the system has good performance and a very strong level of agreement with the laboratory reference method, while being easy to use, fast and mobile.

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