Hemcheck's Newsletter - February 2021

Welcome to the February Newsletter from Hemcheck

The Hemcheck team has continued on its fast paced journey in February. Since the second half of January we have put in a lot of effort in the training and related support activities at the emergency department of Capio St: Göran’s Hospital. There are over 100 nurses working in the emergency department so the scope of the training effort is quite large. However, it's an important and high priority step in the process of minimizing the issues related to hemolysis at the emergency department.

We are working on many other fronts as well, with priority on our commercialisation efforts, focusing on end customers and new distributor agreements. We are also working hard in recruiting. We recently hired a new CTO which is one important step in this process and we are actively looking for additional hires. We hope we can announce more news on this shortly.

In this newsletter you can read more about our new CTO and the progress in hiring more team members, our year end report and the recently received Notice of allowance from the USPTO for our reader design.

Enjoy the reading!
Joen Averstad, CEO

The new CTO and other ongoing recruitments

Hemcheck has hired David Melin as the new CTO for the company. David is starting latest on the 10th of May 2021. David comes from the position of Director Product Development at SciBase, where he has been for 8 years. He has also had several positions within the area of product development before in e.g. Syntronic R&D AB.

There are other planned recruitments for the Hemcheck team such as a new Production Manager, a Quality Assurance Manager and a Clinical Specialist. These processes are running as of now and hopefully we will be able to announce some more news on this before the next newsletter.
We are very happy that David will be joining the team shortly. We think that David will fit in nicely in the team that we want to build for the future and we are convinced that he will contribute a lot in our continuing journey with his knowledge.

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Year end report 2020 and interim report Q4 2020

We recently released our year end report for 2020. 2020 was an eventful year for Hemcheck. It has been a special year given the current pandemic situation, but despite this we have made significant progress in several important areas: We got our first commercial customers and distributors, started developing a new product for the blood-gas market and our patent application regarding the filter solution got approved for the US market.

Some milestones that are especially important to mention are the result from the study and the subsequent agreement with Capio S:t Görans Hospital, the subscription agreement with Tartu University Hospital in Estonia and the collaboration and orders from the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND).

We have also started building our base of distributors focusing on markets that are further away from our home markets: in Turkey, Greece and most recently in Kuwait.

We are continuing our hard work on expanding our customer base and partner network. With regards to distributors, we continue to look for additional distributors in e.g. the Middle East.

The report can be found here

Notice of Allowance in the US regarding our reader design

Hemcheck has gotten a preliminary approval, a so-called “Notice of Allowance”, by the american USPTO regarding the application for design protection of the Hemcheck reader. When the application is finally approved, Hemcheck will have design right protection for the reader in both the US and the European market (where it has already been approved).

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Hemcheck displayed at Ecoptimist.se

Hemcheck has been profiled on the investor portal Ecoptimist.se.

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