Hemcheck's Newsletter - December 2020

Welcome to the December Newsletter from Hemcheck

Another eventful year has now passed for us here at Hemcheck. It has been a special year given the current pandemic situation, but despite this we have made significant progress in several important areas. Our primary focus has been to reach important milestones in our commercialization journey such as signing the first agreements with end customers and distributors, improving the production setup at our contract manufacturers and continuing our product development efforts regarding current and new products including securing and improving our IP protection portfolio.

A couple of important highlight examples from the past year are our first commercial agreement with end customers such as SYNLAB, Tartu university hospital, and FIND as well as the first distributor agreements with Antisel and Hemakim. We have also been granted a patent for our filter solution in the US (read more below) and started the development of a new product for the blood gas market with an accompanying patent application.
Apart from this we also in January completed the study at S:t Görans Hospital, Stockholm, with good results regarding hemolyzed blood samples that reach the laboratory and the user feedback.

We look forward to entering 2021 with the hopes of successfully continuing our commercialisation journey. We have an unique product that helps solve a common problem in health care and we have even more interesting customer dialogs to look forward to.

We are looking forward to 2021 and the possibilities it brings!
We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy the reading!
Joen Averstad, CEO
Happy Holidays 2020

Patent approved for the US market

Hemcheck Sweden AB has gotten its patent application regarding the filter solution to receive and separate plasma from whole blood approved by the USPTO.

This patent approval is very positive since it protects a vital part of the Hemcheck technology in the US, which is the largest market globally. The patent has earlier been granted in Sweden and is currently under evaluation by the European patent office regarding the rest of the European market (we hope to have more news on that application in 2021).

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