Hemcheck´s Newsletter - January 2020

Welcome to Hemcheck´s first newsletter of the year

After an eventful 2019, it´s time to take on 2020, a year in which we hope that the hard work of 2019 will pay off. Our continued focus is on the commercialization efforts and to sign contracts with paying customers. We will continue to meet with potential customers and collaboration partners, participate at different conferences and events, continue to evaluate opportunities to develop our service and underlying products as well as to secure and further develop our production capacity.
We started the new year by completing a well-conducted study together with Capio St. Göran's Hospital, with a very positive result.

In this newsletter you can read more about this study. You can also read about how we progress in upgrading our capacity at SHL and a brief presentation of some upcoming events, where Hemcheck will be represented.

Joen Averstad, CEO


Study shows that Hemcheck's service reduces hemolysis

In early January, Hemcheck presented the results of the more than 50 days long study that was conducted during November and December together with Capio St. Göran's hospital. The results showed, among other things, a significantly lower frequency of hemolysis when using Hemcheck's service.
The study, which aimed to evaluate whether Hemcheck's product concept can lower the hemolysis rate in blood samples sent from an emergency department to a central laboratory, has been conducted together with staff at Capio St. Göran's emergency department and Unilabs. The emergency department is one of the largest in the Nordics.

- For us, it was important to be an effective partner to Capio St. Görans Hospital, who was the client and wanted to investigate the effect of our service. We chose to make the training and data collection as similar as possible to the clinical routines, in order to be able to move from clinical study to fully implemented service where the effect should be as reproducible as possible. Meanwhile the study was ongoing, we also developed the product-specific training that we use when training hospital staff in using the products. We are also continuously working on various areas of usage improvement that can have an effect on the resulting efficiency of using the product, says Henrik Duhalde, clinical specialist at Hemcheck and responsible for the study.

Blood sampling is a very common work task at an emergency department. What the study did was to introduce a new routine as well as some extra administration for the participating hospital staff. It was important to design the study and the extra administration in such a way to avoid creating unnecessary workload for the participating staff.

- One sign that we succeeded in this trade-off was that we kept the study on schedule. The healthcare staff who participated in the data collection also did an outstanding job and it was easy to do the study together with them.

Great result
The result from the study is that 759 blood samples concerning electrolyte status have been included and that the frequency of hemolysis is 54% lower in these blood samples compared to the average for this type of blood samples during 2018 (3.7% compared to 8.0%). We also studied other analytes and variables that may be of interest to both Capio St. Görans Hospital and Hemcheck.
It should be noted that study participants worked more or less identically with their colleagues, except that they used Hemchecks service, when achieving this large difference in the frequency of hemolyzed blood samples. In addition to the study's results, which was described in a previously published press release, a survey has been distributed in which the staff who participated could share their experiences regarding the study, the result and the service.

- Based on all the respondents' feedback, the user experience feedback is very good, which along with the study's results shows that the staff is positive to using Hemchecks service and that it has helped them in their daily work.

The study has also increased our knowledge of how Hemcheck's service is used.

- At the same time as the study was in progress, we have investigated how to most effectively monitor how the service is used across the entire unit. We have based on this designed a resource light method for tracking the number of performed analyses. The new knowledge is a valuable tool for us when evaluating the effect of our service, but also in dialogues with customers as we can even better describe how the concept can be optimized on their unit.

The final study documentation is being finalised. At the same time Hemcheck have ongoing discussions with Capio St. Göran’s Hospital on next steps.

Click here to get to the press release.

Hemcheck upgrades the capacity at SHL

A production capacity that can meet expected demand requires both planning and good cooperation. We have earlier informed about our agreement with SHL to improve efficiency and production capacity of the production of our one-time tests. This work has been ongoing since the autumn and is progressing at full speed.

- To be able to deliver larger quantities of a product you need to work with production planning and ensure reliable production capacity, something that Hemcheck has been working on for a long time. The project is going according to plan, where we will achieve a higher degree of automation during the second quarter and thus higher capacity in production. We have a very good collaboration with the SHL group, which contributes to the progress we are making, says Eva-Lotta Palm, Production Manager at Hemcheck.


Hemcheck recognised as one of top ten medtech solution providers in Europe by MedTech Outlook

Hemcheck has been recognised by MedTech Outlook as one of top ten top future medical technology companies in Europe, and CEO Joen Averstad has been interviewed by the magazine.
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In February you can meet Hemcheck at following events:

February 4-5th, EIT matchmaking event, Berlin
February 6-7th, Emergency nursing days (Akutsjuksköterskedagarna), Stockholm
February 6-7th, LabQuality Days, Helsinki
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