Welcome to the summer newsletter from Hemcheck 2020

CEO Letter

The first half of 2020 has been eventful for Hemcheck. We have been working on many fronts to continue developing the company, with the commercialization efforts as the main focus. We reached some larger milestones such as signing our first commercial agreements, and there were also some special circumstances due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

We achieved important results in the study at Capio S:t Göran’s hospital where we showed that we could significantly lower the hemolysis rate in hemolysis sensitive blood samples sent to the central laboratory when using our v-Test solution and that users were very positive and supportive of the solution. This is truly important evidence that can be leveraged in any customer discussion.
We have after the study at Capio S:t Göran started looking into potential distributor collaborations and have so far signed a 26-month long distribution agreement with Antisel Selidis Bros SA (”ANTISEL”) for Greece and Cyprus, and a 3-month evaluation agreement, starting in June 2020, with potential continuation into a 33-month long distribution agreement with Hemakim Tibbi Ürünler San. Ve Tic. A.S (”Hemakim”) for Turkey. We hope these collaborations will be fruitful and set the standard for additional distributor agreements.

The subscription agreement with SYNLAB, making them our first customer within primary care, was also very important, and another proof point that our solution is valued also outside hospital settings.

This month we finalized implementing a semi-automated manufacturing process of our consumables at SHL in Taiwan. This will improve efficiency and unit costs as well as increase our production capacity with as much as 3 times. It’s an important step for Hemcheck, since it's crucial to have enough production capacity and low unit prices, given this will be a key determinant of future profitability.

We are also starting the EIT Health Bridgehead Europe program this month which we hope will strengthen our opportunities in the selected countries and hopefully accelerate the pace of commercialization.

Hemcheck recently filed a patent application regarding a new product for the blood gas market. This is important for us and we have high hopes for the patent application and the product concept.

We have made a lot of progress during the first half of 2020, and we look forward to continued and hopefully accelerated development and progress during the autumn.

I would like to wish all readers a pleasant summer!

Hemcheck participates in the EIT Health Bridgehead Europe program

The EIT Health Bridgehead Europe program purpose is to provide internationalization support to European start-up and SME companies within health.

An introduction meeting has been held and the next step will be a matchmaking event on June 30 - July 1. Meetings will be held to select a target market and to find a suitable consulting company (called CATalyser), among those vetted by EIT. Hemcheck is interested in markets such as Germany, Benelux, France, and Spain. We will select the market that we want to focus on within the framework of the program and select the national CATalyser that we intend to collaborate with during the project.

Our aim is to speed up the commercialization efforts in the target markets which hopefully would in turn lead to commercial contracts.

Increased automation of production

Hemcheck has finalized the implementation of a semi-automated manufacturing process at SHL which will increase efficiency and lower unit costs as well as increasing production capacity with as much as 3 times. The first round of disposable tests has been produced by the new process with good quality. The work to increase production capacity has been ongoing since the autumn and has worked well thanks to good cooperation with SHL.

New patent application

Hemcheck Sweden AB has filed a patent application regarding a new product for the blood gas market. This is according to the current strategy to protect the company’s intellectual property. Development work has been done during the spring to attain functioning prototypes, and the product would in a future commercialization effort be a complement to the current product portfolio.


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